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Feb 13
HasBean – A day in the life #2
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Feb 07
HasBean – A day in the life #1
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May 01
SITS19 – The Service Desk & IT Support Show
ExCel London, UK
Presentation by Matthew Burrows "What skills do you have and what do you need?"
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Dec 04
Will you make the press for a cybersecurity breach?
“Skills challenges remain, but are better understood. The skills gap continues unabated. Enterprises still have open security positions, and the time to fill them appears to have decreased slightly.”
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Dec 04
What is the best skills assessment approach?
People have a lot more skills than required by their current role and more than a third of roles will require a different mix of skills within the next year. So, why restrict skills assessments to the requirements of current roles only.
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Dec 12
Empowerment to the people
The Empowerment – Transparency Binary Are empowerment and transparency always mutually inclusive?
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Jan 02
New Year Resolutions for 2019
Resolutions Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.
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Jan 13
How mature are you at Digital Skills Management?
Where are you on the maturity scale?
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