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December 01 2015

“Skills Update” December 2015 – the SFIA Foundation’s Bulletin

The final SFIA Foundation bulletin for 2015 has been published and can be downloaded using the link below.  It contains a number of articles, including:

  • Using SFIA at Essex County Council – by Leah Prevost, ECC IS Professionalism & SFIA Accredited Consultant
  • News from our Partner in Chile
  • SFIA in the Southern Hemisphere – a run down of the first dedicated SFIA event held in Australia
  • Developing Digital Talent – links to the presentations delivered on the day – 1/7/2015
  • Media release announcing the coming together of Adaps Consulting and BSMimpact
  • What Skills do you need? Skills Framework provides insight (recently posted by ISACA news)
  • SFIA and worldwide events
  • The Last Word – Lucy Ryan, Business Administrator, the SFIA Foundation

With the announcement of Ian Seward taking on the role of Operations Manager at the Foundation, it was lovely to see the following about Matthew Burrows winding up his role as Interim Operations Manager:

After over a year of working for the SFIA Foundation as Interim Operations Manager Matthew Burrows returned to his ‘day job’.

The Board would like to thank Matthew for all his work alongside the SFIA Foundation Board, the SFIA Council, and the wide network of SFIA Partners, Consultants and Users around the world. In particular his immense contribution towards the completion of SFIA6 and for the ongoing support he continues to offer via is place on the SFIA Council and within the Worldwide SFIA Community. I think you would all agree he did a fantastic job.”