Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

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We are a global Skills Framework for the Information Age Accredited Partner and Training Provider with the largest network of SFIA Accredited Consultants.  

Our Directors are part of the SFIA Council and were deeply involved in the design of this international skills framework.  BSMimpact has conducted more SFIA accredited training globally, than any other SFIA Partner.

Whilst our experience and capability covers more than just SFIA, this page is designed to help you navigate our site and look at all things you can do with the framework.  From here, you can:

  • Book an individual online Self Assessment (now in 6 languages!)
  • Investigate the benefits of an organisational assessment
  • Find out about our various training options, whether your requirement be for an individual or a group
  • Explore how you can easily create job descriptions and role profiles
  • Find out how the framework can help recruiters match candidates to job descriptions
  • Access white papers, case studies and other resources on SFIA implementations
  • Learn more about our Accredited Consultants


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Typical services BSMimpact offer include:

  • assessments and skills validation – “what skills do we have?” 
  • training, reviews and facilitated workshops
  • define or validate Role Profiles and Job Descriptions – “what skills do we need?
  • full implementation and embedding

Addressing specific needs, such as:

  • Talent and skills management
  • Compliance with International Standards
  • Cyber Security skills shortages
  • Digital skills development
  • Staff retention and development
  • Project success rates
  • Training effectiveness
  • Recruitment
  • Sourcing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


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