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January 24 2017

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) provider now a supplier under the NZ AoG Consultancy Services Contract

The NZ AoG Consultancy Services Contract makes it easier for NZ government organisations to baseline their skills, determine current capabilities and identify development needs.

Wellington, New Zealand: BSMimpact have been successful in being placed in the NZ AoG Consultancy Services Contract under the Human Resource and Business Change sub categories. They are the only NZ based SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) Accredited Partner currently included in the panel.  A number of NZ agencies have already realised the value in SFIA by using the framework to understand what skills their organisation has. Others are adding further value by using SFIA in recruitment, training and development, and as part of project planning.

 Simon Roller, Director of Sales and Marketing commented: “Over the past 12 months we have seen a sharp increase in the number of organisations, particularly those in the public sector, expressing interest in maximising the value of SFIA. Our New Zealand clients have embedded SFIA into their organisations by integrating it with existing frameworks.  We are very excited about our work with one client as they take their SFIA journey further as part of a wider implementation of Service Integration and Management (SIAM). “

“What is particularly exciting is the shift towards using SFIA as a key component of a SIAM implementation.  If the SIAM process model defines the how, COBIT defines the what, then SFIA roles define the who. We’re able to help organisations ensure they have the right components in place to be able to effectively manage their supplier network.”

The Online Panel Directory makes it easier for government agencies to participate in the AoG Consultancy Services contract. Participating agencies can now search, sort, compare and shortlist panel providers based on their needs without having to refer to multiple places.

 For any further details or to check out the negotiated rates, please view BSMimpact’s profile in the Online Panel Directory, visit the websit page: or contact Simon Roller: +61 447 178 010.