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November 09 2016

SFIA’s Back Event on Digital Skills Management

BSMimpact were thrilled with the response to our Digital Skills Management event – called “SFIA’s Back”, where attendees learnt how organisations around the world (private and public, large and small) are using the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) to maximise value to both the organisation and its’ customers.
This was a unique opportunity for thought leadership, networking and training; offered free to attendees! The Agenda was split into two sections:

Session 1:  Focused on the practical use of SFIA in projects and operations. This session was intended for people using SFIA skills to deliver value to the business. CxOs, ICT Managers, project managers, people managers, those involved with service integration, cloud adoption and/or multi vendor management would have benefited from this session.

Session 2: Focused on planning the journey: processes and structure.  This session was for people managing SFIA skills to deliver value to IT and how you maintain skills in a digital economy.  HR, learning and development, people managers and recruiters would have benefited from this session.  

A full week of SFIA training was also run, and was the first time these courses were offered as part of the public schedule. They are commonly run privately, on-site for customers.  Digital Skills Management continues to be a hot topic and certainly the Role Profiling course was very popular as attendees found out how to use SFIA to develop role profiles and job descriptions.  Also of interest was the SFIA Deep Dive course, which took attendees into the new and changed skills in SFIA version 6 in more detail. 

Take a look at the session pdfs by clicking on the link below.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like any part of the sessions explained in more detail – we would be very happy to take you through them!