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September 20 2018

Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) and Project Management

Daniel Merriott will be presenting at the Project Management Conference in Auckland on Thursday 20th September 2018.

Title: Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) and Project Management

Objectives: Understand: (a) What SFIA is and how it relates to project management roles; (b) How you might apply SFIA within your own projects; (c) Where to go for more information


  • Understanding the skills needed to manage and execute a project and ensuring the skills of the project team are understood is critical part of overseeing projects.
  • This talk will introduce the Skills Framework for the Information Age, and highlight how it can help articulate the requirements and responsibilities of project management roles, drawing on the skills framework to highlighting some of the different types of project manager role needed (e.g. the ‘technical project manager’ vs the ‘vendor integration project manager’ vs the ‘engagement lead consultant’, etc) and highlighting the need to match the skills and experience of the individual to the position and type of project.
  • Applying the same principal to the roles and responsibilities of project team members, SFIA can be used to articulate the expectations of the role-holders and when combined with individual skills assessments, an understanding of the skills gaps within the project team can created, which in turn can be added to the risk registrar with appropriate mitigating actions.

Check-out the details at the conference website.