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January 01 1970

SFIA Organisational Assessment

Product Description

Uncover your organisation’s missing or hidden ICT skills by conducting a SFIA organisational assessment!

The SFIA Organisational assessment incorporates online individual assessments, with optional 360-degree validation, compiled into a wider organisational baseline assessment, producing a report identifying trends, gaps, risks and improvement recommendations.

This service uses individual online assessments combined with 1 hour, one-on-one sessions to further validate and refine each individual’s skills. The result is a report outlining all the ICT skills contained within your organisation, observations and recommendations for improvement.  

For more information, view the Organisational SFIA Assessment brochure.

BSMimpact were instrumental in the development of the SFIA Skills Assessment tool – SkillsTxTM.  TheSkillsTx website provides further information about the online assessments, and shows examples of the reports.  

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