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January 01 1970

Individual SFIA7 Self Assessment – FREE

The SFIA Skills Assessment, FREE of Charge and now available for SFIA7, allows individuals to identify their current relevant skills and the level achieved against these skills, offering an excellent way to focus on Continual Professional Development (CPD) plans, enhance your CV or Resume and assess future training and development needs.

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Product Description


Conducting a SFIA self assessment provides an excellent way to understand your ICT skills

We are VERY pleased to offer the Self Assessment for SFIA7 free of charge. Not only will you get your own SFIA profile report but ALSO access to the award winning Planner Console.

For more information, view the Individual SFIA Assessment brochure.

Compare yourself against 54 sample job profiles and create your own development action plan. There is truly NO cost and you’ll be helping the ICT industry by contributing anonymous aggregated data to our Analytics.

BSMimpact were instrumental in the development of the SFIA Skills Assessment tool – SkillsTxTM. The following User tutorials provide information and guidance on completing the assessment and using the Planner Console.

SkillsTx Tutorial – End User Guides (including Data Protection and GDPR provision)

The SkillsTx website provides further information about the online assessments, and shows examples of the reports.

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