Matthew Burrows Director & Principal Consultant

Elaine Burrows

Elaine Burrows Director & Senior Consultant

Paul Collins Principal Consultant

Phil Lovell Senior Consultant

Liane Taylor, SFIA Accredited Consultant, Australia

Liane Taylor Consultant

Gerry Mos Senior Consultant

Richard Ellison Senior Consultant & Client Engagement

Les Yuen Enterprise Account Director

Daniel Merriott Principal Consultant

Tristan Boot Senior Consultant

Luis Caldera Senior Consultant

Adriaan van de Rijken Principal Consultant

Mike Bridgefoot, Senior Consultant, UK

Mike Bridgefoot Senior Consultant

Stuart Wright Senior Consultant

Glenn Lee Senior Consultant

Suresh GP Principal Consultant

James DiIanni Senior Consultant

Matthew Burrows
Director & Principal Consultant

In addition to his role as Director, Matthew is active as part of our consulting team, working with colleagues to deliver initiatives for our clients.

Matthew has served on numerous industry bodies, including as President of the Institute of Service Management, Management Board member for itSMF UK, various authoring teams, and the ITIL Change Advisory Board.

Matthew led a joint initiative between the TeleManagement Forum and itSMF UK, focused on service management in telecoms, including the use of ITIL, eTOM, ISO/IEC20000, SID and other elements.

He currently serves on the SFIA Council and the Global Design Authority for SFIA, is Chair of the itSMF International Ethics Review Board, and contributes to the service management industry and the development of best practice. He is an ISO/IEC 20000 qualified consultant and auditor, and SFIA Accredited Consultant and Trainer, specialising in implementing pragmatic business service management solutions rather than just theoretical consulting. He has considerable experience of BSM, UK and global outsourcing and managed services. He adopts a methodical and completely business-focused approach to designing and implementing practical, pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Matthew is a regular contributor to publications and best practices, and has delivered presentations at conferences and other industry events around the world. His authoring credits include SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age), Service Management, PMI Portfolio and Program Management standards, SIAM (Service Integration and Management) Professional Body of Knowledge, white papers, books, articles and publications.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Elaine Burrows
Director & Senior Consultant

In addition to her role as Director for all operational aspects of the business, Elaine Burrows works as part of the consultancy team, delivering Service Management Consultancy and product implementations for clients aligning to ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL, SFIA and others.

A SFIA Accredited Consultant, Elaine has direct responsibility for product development, finance, HR, administration, health & safety, legal, ICT and supplier management.

A key focus is the project management and governance for all internal projects, including the development of online assessment solutions in SFIA and ISO/IEC 20000, a SharePoint-based Service Management system, Quality Management system, Office365 implementation and many others.

Elaine’s specialties include:

  • Project Management from business conception and approval, through design, implementation and operations
  • Management of global project teams
  • Setting up and management of Operations teams, utilising SFIA and CPD methods
  • Full service lifecycle experience
  • Service Management – design, implementation and auditing of processes
  • Industry Standards – ISO 20000, ITIL, ISO9001, SFIA and COBIT

Elaine is an experienced Project Manager, Operations Director and Service Management professional.  She is an individual contributor with proven leadership skills, managing and empowering others to deliver solutions.  Her methodical and business-focused approach to designing and implementing practical, innovative and profitable solutions makes her an integral part of the BSMimpact team!

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Paul Collins
Principal Consultant

Paul has over 30 years of experience in ICT through management to ITSM consultancy. Most recently Paul has focused on assessments, either delivering or building assessments to be used in variety of situations. These assessments include ITSM process maturity and SFIA skills assessments. Paul relishes the opportunity to help organisations identify areas for improvement with practical advice and guidance based on years of experience and in-depth assessment knowledge.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Phil Lovell
Senior Consultant


Phil Lovell is a Senior Consultant for BSMimpact.  Phil provides consulting, assessment, training and workshop facilitation and leads the BSMimpact Assessor community of practice. Phil has worked across a range of clients including federal and state governments as well as commercial and non-profit organisations.  Specialist areas of expertise include skill assessment, role profiling, organisation design, workforce planning and professional development.

Phil is an accredited SFIA consultant, a Certified IT Professional with a Masters in IT for Business and extensive professional experience in applications development and resource management.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Liane Taylor

Liane Taylor is an experienced Manager in Professional Development (PD) design and delivery and a SFIA Accredited Consultant.

A results focused professional, Liane has experience in Organisational Workforce Strategy and Implementation, Education, Program Management and Marketing Operations. Her professional experience comes from a number of Australian and international listed companies within the IT Professional Services, Education, Banking and Shipping industries.

A confident leader, decision maker and mentor Liane’s focus is primarily to team with business to deliver practical and commercially focused outcomes.

Liane’s well-developed analytical skills are coupled with excellent communication and stakeholder management skills.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Gerry Mos
Senior Consultant

An IT Service Management Consultant and former Vice President of the Institute of Service Management, Gerry Mos has detailed ITIL knowledge; is a recognised expert within IT Governance; and has extensive experience assisting organisations to gain ISO20000 and ISO27001 certification.

Other areas of expertise include ITIL and IT Governance Training; Capacity, Availability and Continuity Management; Product Assurance and Testing; Service Catalogue; and providing extensive people management skills to programme/project management.  Gerry can add value to a wide range of client engagements with particular expertise in integrating technology and embedding Service Management best practice during mergers, de-mergers and acquisitions.

Gerry has also developed a number of IT Governance assessment tools and training courses, for ISO 20000 in particular. Operationally he successfully managed a public sector organisation with a multi-million pound budget and 50+ staff for a number of years.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Richard Ellison
Senior Consultant & Client Engagement

Richard is a SFIA Accredited Consultant with a wealth of experience in IT Service Management, Service Integration and Management and Outsourcing / Shared Services.

He is a highly motivated and passionate individual with exceptional presentation skills.   His ability to build strong relationships at all levels in addition to his skills, experience and knowledge of the IT industry makes him a valuable asset to BSMimpact. 



SFIA Accredited Consultan


Les Yuen
Enterprise Account Director

An experienced enterprise sales executive and key account manager, Les joined the team to develop the business and manage relationships with enterprise customers in EMEA and the Americas.

With 20 years experience working with both SMB (SME) and Enterprise customers in the technology sector, Les is ideally suited to ensuring that our clients understand and leverage the full potential and value from BSMimpact’s consultancy and training offerings and the SkillsTx toolset.


Daniel Merriott
Principal Consultant

As part of Partner Consulting, our Delivery Partner in New Zealand, Daniel Merriott acts as a Principal Consultant for BSMimpact & SkillsTx. He is based in Auckland, and a leading expert in SFIA operating across New Zealand and Australia. Daniel’s consulting experience includes advisory and consulting work for government, commercial, and non-profit organisations covering topics such as organisational design, IT strategy, and performance management challenges.

With an excellent pedigree in the IT industry and management consulting, an Executive MBA from one of the leading global business schools, and a passion for making sure people are at the heart of business, Daniel is equally comfortable working with C-level clients, HR professionals, and IT professionals.

Daniel is an Accredited SFIA Consultant and trainer and is a member of the SFIA Council. He is also a Certified Management Consultant, Chartered IT Professional, a Fellow of several professional bodies as well as Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified in Governance Enterprise IT and a Certified Information System Security Professional.


SFIA Accredited Consultan 


Tristan Boot
Senior Consultant

As part of Partner Consulting, our Delivery Partner in New Zealand, Tristan acts as a Senior Consultant for BSMimpact and SkillsTx. He has been working in customer service and service management roles for over 20 years.

He has experience across a range of industries including higher education, telecommunications, managed service provision, manufacturing, insurance and entertainment; and a broad experience covering most aspects of ITSM, with interests including Service Desk, Process Design, Change Management, Business Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Customer Experience Management and Organisational Change.

Tristan’s mixture of thought leadership, technical skills, relationship management experience, communication skills and analytical and problem solving techniques will help drive your Service Management culture to the next level.  He is also a SFIA Accredited Consultant

He believes in keeping things simple, in the power of continual improvement, and in the importance of people and organisational culture. He thrives on building relationships and getting everyone on the same page to drive results for the customer.

After eight years as President of the New Zealand chapter of itSMF, Tristan stepped down in 2016 and was recently made a life member.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Luis Caldera
Senior Consultant

Luis is a Senior Consultant with over 15 years experience delivering IT solutions and services to customers in the telecommunications, finance, manufacturing and services markets of North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

He has experience working with customers at the IT strategy and tactical levels, developing operating models, organisation structures, role profiles, business-IT relationship models, process models, service catalogs and offerings.

Luis is a SFIA Accredited Consultant and is ITIL Expert certified. He is based in Colombia and is fluent in Spanish and English.

He applies various IT and business frameworks, methodologies and models, such as: Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean strategy, Kaplan and Norton strategy Maps, SFIA, ITIL, Cobit, Togaf and ISO 15504.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Adriaan van de Rijken
Principal Consultant

Adriaan van de Rijken’s skills and global practical experience as a Service and Process Management expert, combined with his deep knowledge of best-practices, people and personal skills, make him a valuable asset on IT Transformation programs and projects.

He specializes in initiatives that focus on Service Management and Improvement initiatives through Executive Advisory, Team Mentoring, Keynotes and Presentations, Strategic Roadmaps and Planning, and last but not least, the use of SFIA.

With responsibilities ranging from strategic and trusted advisor, to business analyst, process engineer, and process manager, he emphasizes the elimination of waste and wait in processes (LeanIT), the organizational change (cultural and political) aspects of management and transformations, governance and compliance (e.g. ISO20000 and support models), and the associated and required skillsets needed to run an IT organization smoothly.

Adriaan has helped organizations achieve rapid improvement as it relates to how they manage People, Processes, Technology and Partners. His ability to understand and manage complex programs helps him to identify improvements that satisfy both the IT organization as well as the IT Services consumer. By relating to all stakeholders, Adriaan ensures a shared vision and understanding, critical to a successful transformation.

Since Adriaan found the success rate of his transformations to increase by this, he ensures to focus on the strategic, tactical, and operational layer within the organization from a value perspective. Meaning that, on the IT as well as the Business side, people need to experience the added value of what is being improved.

Adriaan was the VP of one of the Local Interest Groups of itSMF USA, and he currently serves as the Alliance Portfolio Director on the national itSMF USA board.


Mike Bridgefoot
Senior Consultant

Mike Bridgefoot brings broad experience of delivering skills development programs and training to professional and technical staff at all levels in a wide range of international companies and organisations.

He has a wealth of experience in a number of areas, including:
– Professionals in IT and Engineering
– Qualification development
– Standards development
– Accreditation
– Assessment
– Competencies
– Training needs analysis
– Program development, and
– Multimedia

Mike was the Head of Registration and Standards at The IET (The Institute of Engineering and Technology), Chair of the SFIA Foundation for more than 8 years, and General Manager – West London Training.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Stuart Wright
Senior Consultant

Stuart is qualified to ‘Expert’ level in both ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000.
He is an accredited trainer for a number of examination bodies and a lead trainer for our training services.

Prior to 2000, Stuart spent a number of years as a senior manager within a Bristol based IT company delivering services across Europe. In 2000 he got involved with ITIL and IT Service Management when he joined CEC Europe, as employee number 3.

During Stuart’s time with CEC Europe he delivered ITIL consultancy projects, ITIL training courses and BS 15000 assessments. In 2004 the organisation was acquired by Hewlett Packard, and Stuart spent almost 3 years delivering and developing various ITIL courses.

As Head of Training with Pro-Attivo Stuart was fortunate in that he could mix training with consultancy. His experiences at Pro-Attivo were dominated by ISO/IEC 20000. Achieving certification is not just about ITIL, as ISO/IEC 20000 is framework neutral, it’s about taking IT Service Management to the next level.

In November 2009 Stuart joined Severn Valley IT Service Management, as a founder member, where he continued to deliver both consultancy and education engagements.

Stuart is qualified to ‘Expert’ level in both ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 He is an accredited trainer for a number of examination bodies and a lead trainer for our training services.


Glenn Lee
Senior Consultant

Glenn Lee is passionate about improving ICT professionalism and knowledge sharing.

Glenn is a senior Certified Professional member of the Australian Computer Society and has been a member for over 25 years. He has served at Executive Committee, consulting and mentoring levels.

With 30+ years working in ICT, Glenn’s career has covered programming, business analysis, mobile computing design and project management, strategic ICT Planning, information and computer security management, risk and contingency planning.

He has an in-depth knowledge and implementation experience of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). Glenn has provided consulting services on harnessing the benefits of SFIA, both at a organisation and individual ICT professional level.

SFIA Accredited Consultan


Suresh GP
Principal Consultant

Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions. He has more than 18+ years of IT experience and specialises in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps and Business Relationship Management.

As a Principal Consultant, Suresh does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for ITSM, Agile, DevOps, and BRM to Fortune 2000 organisation. He was awarded top 25 thought leaders in service management for 2017 by HDI.

Suresh is also the Regional Leader for Asia Pacific and Middle East at BRM Institute. To complement his extensive experience, he has earned a wide range of certifications that include ITIL V3 Expert, DevOps Leader, CGEIT, CBRM, CASM, PMP, ISO 20000 Practitioner and ISO/IEC 20000 & 27001 Lead Auditor.

He is a regular blogger and speaker in National & International Forums like itSMF, DevOps Insttute, PMI, ISACA. He was awarded itSMF Contributor Award by itSMF Singapore in 2013 and 4 BRM Excellence awards at BRM Connect 2017.


James DiIanni
Senior Consultant

With over 39 years of experience in the technology industry, James brings deep expertise in technology, training, certification & assessment, and organisation & skills development to BSMimpact.

James is an Accredited SFIA Consultant and has conducted SFIA implementations across North America.
He has published numerous blogs and a white paper on deploying IT skills frameworks. His recent focus has been on Business Transformation and Sales Enablement for IT technology outcome-based selling.

James is a Certified Cisco Enterprise IT Business Specialist. He holds a B.A. in Management Information Systems, an M.S. in Information Systems Management, and a M.Ed. in Adult Education and Leadership.

SFIA Accredited Consultan