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April 27 2016

itSMF ACT Branch Seminar – SFIA: It’s all about you!

The itSMF ACT Branch’s Quarter 1 2016 seminar focused on SFIA as an essential resource for organisational design and talent management in Information Technology. Simon from BSMimpact took attendees through SFIA v6, and explained how organisations are using it to define roles and help develop capabilities across their business.

Organisations are more than ever embracing the skills framework to define roles and develop capabilities.  Australia and NZ are the fastest growing region in the world for adopting the framework.  People are finding out that SFIA is not only good for organisations, but for individuals too!

Attendees learned :

  • all about the SFIA V6 framework
  • how to use SFIA to develop a skills profile and identify gaps
  • how SFIA can be used for targeted recruitment campaigns – to hire the right skills.


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