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December 05 2016

ITSM16 & the Digital Skills Shortage

The 25th IT Service Management Annual Conference and Exhibition was held at the Sofitel London Heathrow (T5) on the 21st and 22nd November 2016.

View the presentation slides delivered at the Conference!

All the presentation slides from ITSM16 have now been published. The title of Matthew Burrows’ presentation was “What can we do about the digital skills shortage?”  His practical guidance covered how organisations must start by recognising people and their digital skills.  Managers must answer 2 critical questions: what skills do you have, and what skills do you need? 

Matthew was so pleased with the response he got from the audience. Questions from the floor showed that there is definitely a continued shift in focus to recognise that people and skills are essential. 

So as you look forward to plans and projects in 2017, we invite you to consider your people and the skills they bring to your organisation.  Do you know what skills you have?  Do you know what skills you need?  Only then can you discover what skills you don’t have, and determine what you need to do to fix the gap. 

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