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September 04 2018

ISACA OceaniaCACS 2018

The ISACA OceaniaCACS 2018 conference, part of the series of conferences for IS audit and security professionals, takes place in Melbourne, Australia on 3rd and 4th September 2018.

BSMimpact’s Daniel Merriott has been asked to deliver his presentation “Where are the Cybersecurity skills?”.

The feedback from the attendees at Daniel’s “COBIT and SFIA as Organisational Design Tools” session at the EuroCACS event in Scotland in June ranked his presentation extremely highly, scoring significantly above average for all questions. Attendees were provided information allowing them to:

  • understand how to map between COBIT and SFIA in a meaningful way
  • use COBIT as a framework to integrate other process frameworks in operating model design
  • validate organisation positions against the capabilities needed in an operating model
  • build a consistent view of the skills needed to deliver an operating model, and identify any skill gaps that need managing

Bookings for the OceaniaCACS event in Melbourne are through the ISACA website. Daniel’s sesson with be on Tuesday 4 September.