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November 23 2016

Integrating SFIA with other frameworks

We recently ran a SFIA event in the UK, and found that the presentation that interested most attendees was “SFIA in Digital Transformation”. In this presentation we talked about integrating SFIA with other frameworks such as COBIT and SIAM, and provided examples of where this has worked well. 88% of our attendees rated this presentation as Excellent, with the remainder rating it Satisfactory.    

Some of the comments about this session included:

  • “Loved the COBIT and SFIA layer idea”
  • “Integration with SIAM and CoBIT should be made available to the whole SFIA community”

You can take a look at the presentation slides here: sfias_back_event_session_2

We believe that this feedback highlights that people are really interested on how to maximise the value of SFIA, and are keen to understand how to embed SFIA into their organisations and existing frameworks. 

So it leads us to a question – have you done any work with integrating SFIA with other frameworks?  We are be really interested in other people’s opinions; what worked, and what didn’t work?  Let us know by emailing us: