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September 29 2016

IITP Wellington event: SFIA and COBIT focus

IITP Wellington Event: Coherent organisational design | Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand – IITP 

Coherent organisational design; leveraging the SFIA and COBIT frameworks together

BSMimpact’s Principal Consultant Daniel Merriott delivered a presentation at the IITP Wellington event on the 29th September 2016 at 4pm. Daniel guided attendees through some of the challenges and benefits of combining SFIA and COBIT to define the skills needed to govern and manage and operate enterprise IT.

COBIT defines the key elements of the IT operating model from a governance and management perspective. SFIA helps us understand the levels of responsibility we would need to apply in order for these governance and management controls to be effective.

Together these frameworks can be combined to create a powerful and flexible toolset that can help define the organisational structure and individual position descriptions: connecting the bottom-up approach of “who does what” with the top-down approach of “who is accountable for what”, and identifying the gaps in controls and operations that may exist.

BSMimpact were pleased to be sponsors at this event.

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