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October 25 2019

HasBean – A day in the life #38

HasBean: I can’t believe it’s been 12 months since our last development planning session. Thanks for being so punctual.

Employee: To be honest, I’m pretty keen to get going after last year. You remember, there was no money left in the training budget.

HasBean: It’s the new financial year now, and there is still plenty in the training budget. So what do you have in mind?

Employee: Great, I need to attend a Scrum course to keep up with the new Agile approach that is being rolled out.

Employee: And, I have found this excellent course scheduled for 3 weeks time down South. So only a short 1 hour flight and a single overnighter.

HasBean: Ahh! Sorry, there is a travel ban at the moment. Oh well, there’s always next year.