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CACS Event North America 2017
May 01 2017

Event: 2017 North America CACS

Matthew Burrows enjoyed speaking at the CACS conference, held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The North America CACS Conference is the premier conference of Audit/Assurance, COBIT, Compliance, Risk, Security, and Strategy/Governance professionals. 

Matthew’s presentation faell under the Career and Communications Management topic and was called “247 – Digital Skills and Talent Management”.  In his presentation, Matthew discussed how Digital and Cyber Security skills are being targeted by governments and organisations around the world.  They are essential skills which need to be developed to address predicted shortages, ensure market competitiveness, and mitigate some of the risks from cyber terrorism, industrial espionage and information security attacks. 

We are constantly hearing about the skills shortage, but what we don’t hear about is what organisations can DO about it.  Matthew’s presentation showed attendees how SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age can help organisations understand what skills they have – as only then can they determine what skills they need.  He took attendees through local and international case studies that showcase how organisation have answered two basic questions and now ensure they continually develop their most important asset: their people. 

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