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September 27 2016

Digital Skills Landscape 2016 Report – out now!

BSMimpact have great pleasure in releasing the digital skills landscape report for 2016.

The data in this report comes from BSMimpact’s instance of the SkillsTx system. SkillsTx is used to support BSMimpact’s SFIA Assessment and implementation activity.  The data analysed was from nearly 3000 individual self assessments within a number organisations who have implemented SFIA6 within the last year. 

Data was entered by SFIA assessors who conducted in excess of 1300 interviews to gather verbal evidence to produce a validated assessment of these individuals following the self assessment activity.

The volume of data analysed in this report is relatively small, due to it only being 1 year since SFIA6 was launched.  However it does present a valid picture of the state of digital skills globally, and builds on data presented in 2015 at the Sydney, Australia SFIA6 launch event.

Observations and Conclusions:

The observations, conclusions and guidance contained in the report is the product of several experienced resources in addition to our own Consultants. We believe that they will be useful to many organisations world-wide. We are also very pleased to have Ian Seward, Operations Manager of the SFIA Foundation, present the Foreword.

If you’re interested in a copy of the report – email us  – and we’ll send it to you electronically.