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March 21 2016

China takes on SFIA Training

Last week I traveled to China to provide SFIA training.  I spent 2 days in Beijing and another 2 days in Shanghai, delivering “Understanding SFIA” and “Advanced SFIA” training in both locations.

The venue in Beijing was the Kempinski Hotel, at the Lufthansa Center.  The Shanghai training was held at the HP Training Centre.  Attendees included senior managers from some very respected and established organisations, including service providers, consultancies, training companies, manufacturing, auditing, information security and project management.

Some attendees were already using SFIA in their organisations, and attended the training with a view of extending SFIA’s use.  Others hadn’t used SFIA before, but could immediately see the benefits.  Many are already planning projects as a direct result of seeing the value during the SFIA training.

Whilst the training was delivered in English, it did include some group discussion in Chinese with questions being translated by an interpreter, and the attendees enjoyed the training thoroughly.  It will certainly be a help to have SFIA Version 6 translated into different languages, as whilst all attendees spoke English, it would have been of benefit to have materials in their preferred language to support the training.


This trip was one of many upcoming visits to non-English speaking countries – in fact this week I am in Saudi Arabia!  It has been extremely worthwhile conducting this training in countries such as China and seeing the attendees really see the benefits of implementing the SFIA Framework into their organisations.  I look forward to the launch of SFIA Version 6, as it will be available in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish and Arabic.

– Matthew Burrows