"I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in pursuing SFIA to take training with BSMimpact. It has been real value for money!"”

Public, Private or Online Training:

We are a Global SFIA Training Provider, accredited by the SFIA Foundation, and deliver more SFIA training that anyone else globally. We offer a schedule of training courses via a public schedule, private on-site courses for 4 or more people, instructor-led online options, and now several self-paced online courses.

We have a suite of training courses and workshops focusing on SFIA.  

We also create tailored courses to suit specific requirements.

Tailored courses are perfect for organisations wishing to create an understanding or awareness as part of a project or communications / awareness exercise. Tailored and private costs vary depending on numbers, location and any additional expenses, but work out to be extremely cost effective. We also have a range of workshops which can be tailored to your specific needs.

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As a SkillsTx partner organization, we make training materials available free of charge to SkillsTx SaaS licence holders. In addition, we offer a range of training options for individuals, organizations, partners and other consultants. Our training offerings are listed on the SkillsTx website

Terms & Conditions
Please note that the 14-day cooling-off period, specified in the EU distance selling regulations, only applies if this product hasn’t been used. Before booking a course please read our terms and conditions which are applicable upon booking.

“I have had the good fortune to attend the Understanding SFIA course online with Matthew Burrows and was quite impressed. During the 2 day course, Matthew explained practical aspects of leveraging SFIA framework with use cases, real time examples and trends how people use SFIA to gain benefits.

“I also had the luxury to ask several questions that branched from basics to advance in nature which Matthew addressed with ease providing valuable insights and confidence.

“Getting the training directly under Matthew was a treat and I look forward to becoming an Accredited Consultant of SFIA. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested to pursue SFIA train under Matthew and BSMimpact. In summary, it has been real value for money!”

Suresh GP, Managing Director, TaUB Solutions