"An excellent service provided by a thoroughly professional organisation.

BSMimpact’s consultants were knowledgeable and had sufficient experience to be able to put the information gathered into a suitable context.”

BSMimpact has been providing customised services for organisations since our incorporation in 1998. 

Our people have extensive experience in the delivery of projects big and small, providing solutions in areas such as IT Service Management, ISO/IEC 20000, SFIA, ITIL, COBIT, and Management of Change initiatives to name a few.

Regardless of the solution, BSMimpact prides itself on its support, knowledge, quality, methodology and tools on offer to support clients and partners at every stage of the journey.  

SFIA Services

SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age is designed to enable organisations and individuals to answer two key questions:

What Skills Do I Have? What Skills Do I Need?

SFIA helps organisations to:

  • identify skills gaps (plus areas where there are significant under-utilised skills, and those where a single point of dependency exists) within the organisation;
  • engage in meaningful Professional Development discussions with individuals to address skills shortfalls and/or career development requirements;
  • develop Training and/or Recruitment Programs based on a clear understanding of areas to address;
  • support organisational structuring based on a clear understanding of skills, roles and job requirements;

BSMimpact is the leading Accredited SFIA consulting and training partner, with a wealth of experience globally of working with the SFIA framework.

BSMimpact has:

  • representation on the SFIA Council, SFIA Design Authority & Project Board for SFIA updates.
  • largest number of SFIA Consultants worldwide.
  • deliver more SFIA Accredited training worldwide than any other SFIA Partner.
  • experience not only in SFIA, but in Governance and Management frameworks, including ITIL®, COBIT®, PRINCE2®, ISO/IEC 20000, Risk Management and Information Security.
  • the most experience in helping organisations and individuals determine their SFIA Skills profiles.

Typical services BSMimpact offer clients in relation to SFIA include:

Addressing specific needs, such as:

  • Talent and skills management
  • Compliance with International Standards
  • Cyber Security skills shortages
  • Digital skills development
  • Staff retention and development
  • Project success rates
  • Training effectiveness
  • Recruitment
  • Sourcing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • And many others – ask us if you have a different requirement!

On average we find that organisations are more successful in their use of SFIA if they consider implementing the framework as a project, ensuring buy in from top management, and considering a management of change program to ensure staff engagement and satisfaction.

The list below outlines the key services offered either stand alone or as part of a wider SFIA implementation:

ISO 20000 Services

BSMimpact have significant skill and experience in ISO/IEC 20000. Services have been designed in accordance with best practice guidance and Standards.

ISO/IEC 20000 initiatives generally represent a significant transformational business change. The benefits include efficiency & effectiveness, and potential cost savings as well as supporting customer demand for certification. An ISO/IEC 20000 Transformation Journey provides an excellent structure for all business change initiatives.

A common transformation journey can be split into the following phases:

  • Start-up and Business Case development
  • Implementation (up to 3 phases)
  • Post-implementation

Key services that fit within these phases include:

Organisations like Telefonica have taken advantage of the Service Management System and have achieved tangible results:  

After 1 month of discovery, assessment and high level design, 1 month detailed design, and 3 months of implementation and embedding, the system was fully operational and generating evidence and records ready for audit. Telefonica not only achieved ISO/IEC certification but received assurance from customers, staff and partners that they had delivered tangible benefits across the organisation.

“Part of our vision is to be industry leading in service management. Telefonica UK now has an ITIL aligned and ISO20K certified Service Management System that allows us to demonstrate excellence and prove best practice in the way we manage Services for our customers.  
Furthermore, industry experts agree that the timelines in which we have achieved it are unheard of and they are keen to talk to us!”

Eva Franconetti, Continual Improvement Manager, Telefonica UK



Contact us to discuss how this solution can fast track your implementation, support ISO/IEC 20000 compliance, and provide a stable and simple platform for operating as a Service Provider.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our consultants have many years’ experience in transforming ICT operations.

They provide the expertise required to successfully negotiate your transformation into a service-based, business-driven organisation recognised for the value delivered to your customers.

Each coaching and mentoring package is custom designed. We are often asked to include coaching and mentoring within our work packages.  

All organisations have slightly different requirements; talk to us about your needs and we can provide expert advice and guidance. 

Workshops and Training

We can tailor workshops or training courses to suit your organisation’s requirements and timeframes. 

We have a large number of workshops available to support wider implementation programmes – for example SFIA and ISO/IEC 20000.

We also offer stand alone workshops to support other initiatives – whether that be helping to understand how SFIA, COBIT and ITIL work together, or higher level executive sessions around governance, for example.

Our trainers all have practical expertise in their chosen fields, meaning they have examples to call on from their own personal experience.  Talk to us about your requirements.