...good quality data is only achievable if you combine the methodologies, capabilities and embedded experience that has been put into the SkillsTx solution.”

Pick and choose the products that meet your needs, and only pay for what you use!

As a proud reseller of the SkillsTxTM suite of online SFIA products, we can offer organisations and individuals easy access to the power of SFIA.  There are no applications to install and no in-depth training required!  

Take a look at for further information, or click on any of the tools listed below for a description, to order, or to request further information.

We also offer services designed to assist organisations with ISO20K and Service Management initiatives.  

Take a look at our ISO20K assessment and Service Management System.


Individual SFIA Self Assessment

Individual SFIA7
Self Assessment - FREE

The SFIA Skills Assessment, now available for SFIA7 FREE of charge,  allows individuals to identify their current relevant skills and the level achieved against these skills, offering an excellent way to focus on Continual Professional Development (CPD) plans, enhance your CV or Resume and assess future training and development needs.

Please Note: Only free for individuals if not part of a Skills Assessment for Organisations

Job Description Creator

Create Job Descriptions and Role Profiles in minutes!

Make the development of job descriptions a painless exercise, using SkillsTx Define!

This requires minimal knowledge of SFIA, nothing to install and creates a tailor-made SFIA-based job description in minutes!

Consulting and validation options are also available to support if required.

SFIA Match for Recruiters

Hire the best people!

Using SkillsTx Define, develop a Job Description for advertisement and search in minutes!

Candidates then complete an Individual Self Assessment, and the recruiter uses the Position Matching report to identify the most suitable candidates based on their skill levels and levels of responsibility.


SFIA Organisational Assessment

Skills Assessment for Organisations

Uncover your organisation’s missing or hidden ICT skills!

Using SkillsTx Assess, an organisational assessment report is generated, where skills at an organisational level are compiled from the individual skills profiles. 

This provides a rolled-up view of skills balance, gaps, risks, and potential improvement areas.

ISO20K Assessment

We offer an ISO20K assessment that measures the conformance of the Service Management capability against the requirements of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 international standard.

The online assessment, on AssessmentPortal, approaches the assessment from a business outcomes perspective – and includes a 360 degree perception survey of service delivery.

Surveys are web based, designed to significantly broaden the data collection footprint, minimise disruption to the client, and minimize data collection time as well as costs.

The ISO20K assessment is suitable as a standalone assessment to quickly assess (or re-assess) an organisation’s Service Management System (SMS) and produce a gap analysis against the standard, a prioritised improvement program, or to compliment a more in-depth consultancy assignment.

This is achieved by:

  • simplifying the process assessment aspects, and allowing more time and money for constructive and value-added consultancy
  • providing a rich source of data outcomes to assist the consultancy process and help prioritise where to focus any further in-depth investigations.

Service Management System

We have developed a Service Management System which can be incorporated into an existing customer intranet. This solution can be integrated into SharePoint, offering customer organisations a central portal for their staff.

The solution comes with best practice content developed by BSMimpact, and provides the capability to manage content and give direct access to staff.  The content and functionality includes Service Management Scope, Objectives, Policies, interactive Process Flow diagrams, controlled lists for process overviews, process and procedure documentation, continual improvement register, service portfolio, customer complaints log, audit schedule, and everything you need to operate the service management system and demonstrate control and compliance to an auditor.