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September 01 2018

BSMimpact and SkillsTx capabilities unified under the SkillsTx branding

Press Release – 1st September 2018

BSMimpact and SkillsTx capabilities unified under the SkillsTx branding.

We’re making a few changes to our structure and the way we service various parts of the world.

To better serve our customers, whilst maintaining the global consistency of our products and services, we’re moving to a more simplified company structure – with a single operating company in each of the 3 global regions. These will combine under the SkillsTx brand, offering the training and professional services we have established through BSMimpact over the last 20 years of operation, alongside the SkillsTx SaaS solution.

We remain the most active SFIA Global Accredited Partner and Training Provider, with the largest and most experienced team of SFIA Accredited Consultants and trainers. Our focus is to support our direct customers as well as enabling and growing the network of SkillsTx Resellers and Professional Services partners, many of whom will offer value-added services on top of the core platform and services they provide as part of our network.

In New Zealand, our local team will establish and run a NZ company, Partner Consulting, to provide increased focus for existing and new NZ customers. This organisation will act as a SkillsTx reseller and professional services partner, working as part of the extended team of SFIA Accredited Consultants that we have around the globe, as well as developing additional offerings tailored to their NZ customers.

In Australia we will simplify our company structure, with customers being served with tools and services through our Australian-based SkillsTx operating company, Digital Skills Management Pty Ltd, rather than maintaining a separate BSMimpact subsidiary in Australia. The other 2 operating companies, BSM impact Limited based in the UK, and BSM impact Inc in the US, will continue supporting customers in UK, EMEA and the Americas, and coordinating international projects using our global network of employees, associates, resellers and professional services partners. All three companies will operate under the SkillsTx brand.