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November 02 2017

FUSION 17 Conference and Expo plus our session on SIAM

Join us at FUSION 17 for our conference session on SIAM: Strategies for the Outsourcing Models of the Future.

BSMimpact are pleased to be part of the conference program at the upcoming FUSION 17 event.  Managed and hosted by itSMF USA and HDI, FUSION 17 has 8 learning tracks, heaps of speakers and tons of networking activities.  

About the session:

As organizations continue to transform their enterprises to leverage disruptive technologies, they’re grappling with the challenges of large and complex supply chains. To mitigate the risks involved with multiple suppliers, organizations are using a number of strategies, including multi-provider service integration (SIAM). This workshop will use a real-life case study to delve into the benefits of SIAM, implementation considerations, and overcoming related challenges. Through vivid examples, you’ll see how other management and governance frameworks can be used within SIAM, such as ITIL be

The road to Digital Transformation and Cloud Adoption is littered with challenges and obstacles. Organisations not only need to do things better, they need to do things differently! Key to this challenge are new ways of managing the digital supply chain, ensuring the organisation has both the right people and the right suppliers to support the changing needs of the business. As organisations dismantle legacy applications and replace these with niche cloud solutions, the importance of integrating providers with internal capabilities has never been so important or complicated. Service Integration and Management provides a map to help you on your digital journey.

One organisation is well on their way: a NZ Government Agency are in the process of transforming to a cloud based supply chain, delivering next generational digital services to New Zealand. This presentation will take you on their journey, showcasing the Target Operating Model which was defined using ITIL, COBIT, SIAM and SFIA. 

As part of the transformation activity, the organization assessed the SFIA skills within IT and used this to help design the new roles and positions that would be required within the operating model. The SFIA analysis provided input to the organizational design, roles within SIA, and the training needs analysis.

Learning Outcomes:

1. The role of SIAM in Multi Supplier delivery models

2. The relationship of the COBIT, ITIL and SFIA frameworks to SIAM

3. How SFIA can be used to determine your organisational capability

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